Sailor S
Episode 10 Chapter 0
"Bay's Birthday Dress"

* * *
[Bay walks up to the temple door, today was her turn to clean the dojo. She brings her bucket full of soapy water and opens the door. But all she could wonder was how her mother and grandfather were doing in Canada. Bay's birthday was a few days ago and no one seemed to notice, and she had no family members to share it with. That was the first birthday she, or he, ever spent alone.]

Bay [picking up the bucket]
{"I miss Mom. "} [Looking around] {"I wonder where Rei is, I havn't seen her all day."}

[Robyn with Serena behind her come running from the temple with Rei chasing them and screaming]

Rei [with some shredded(?) paper in her hands]
You guys come back here! This is the last time I let you help me!!!

Robyn [Running VERY quickly towards Bay, who she can't see as she's looking over her shoulder at Rei]

Bay [cheerfully]
Hey, guys! What's up?!

[Robyn not watching where she's going runs right into Bay, knocking both of them down on the floor and spilling the bucket of water all over them.]

Robyn [with Bay under her on the floor]
I'm sorry, Bay! [blushing] Rei wanted our help with-

Rei [yelling]
I did not! You and Serena voluteered! [huffs and turns around walking back into the temple]

Serena [from behind both Bay and Robyn, who are getting up]
Ooowwwwww! Why am I always the one who flies through the air!? [humphs and dusts herself off]

Bay [getting up, soaking wet..]
Ah... I'm soaked... [sees Robyn's a bit wet too, though, not as bad as herself!]

Robyn [giggling]
I'm a bit wet, too... [sees how badly Bay is soaked and giggles again] I thought you'd be used to that by now!

Bay [standing up and brushing her wet hair out of her face]
Yea, on warm summer days... Little chilly to be wet now... and all my clothes are being washed... Oh, well, I'll have to go refill this bucket... By the way, what was Rei so mad about?

[Robyn and Serena now side by side and look at each other with teardrop]

We were um- trying to help Rei uh- organize her scrolls and-

Robyn [interrupting]
-clutzoid here dropped some into the fire... [smirking]

Bay [curious]
Well, that explains her... but why you?!

Robyn [blushes]
I dumped water on the fire...

Bay [realizing]
That would explain it, you do know, that that fire is supposed to always be lit?!

Robyn [nervously]
I know... it's just that I freaked when they went in... I understand why she was mad... [sigh] but-

Mina [coming in]
Hi guys!

Robyn [cheery seeing someone to help change the subject.]

Where's Rei... I promised I'd return this dress to her. [notices Bay all wet and Robyn a little] Serena and Robyn got you again, huh?

Bay [looking down on herself]

Robyn and Serena [pouty faces]

Mina [looking at Serena and Robyn]
Sorry, guys but your the one's always getting Bay wet, or something.

We do not.

Bay [looking surprised]
Yes, you do.

Serena [starting to pout]
Well... we... Waaaaaaaaah!! [Serena starts to cry]

Robyn [slapping hand over Serena's mouth]
Mina, I'd just come back a bit later... Rei's kinda grumpy... [smiles wide and laughs nervously]

That bad of a mood, hunh? Oh, well. I guess I better give her this dress later...

Probably a good idea....

Yea, well I have to finish the Dojo... [Bay starts to go and fill up her bucket again.]

Robyn [getting an idea]
BAY! You're wet, and you said you have no other clothes to change into... why not take the dress? You can give it back to Rei when she... uh... cheers up... [smiles]

WHAT?! Me?! Wear a dress?! No way! Besides, [quickly looking for another reason] you're wet too!

Robyn [defensively]
Not half as soaked as we- you are! [crosses her arms and glares at Bay]

Yeah, and anyway, why not, you wear a school uniform?

That's because I have to... I never wear dresses...[looking for even more reasons] besides, if Rei saw me in it she would kill me.

Serena [finally removing Robyn's hand]
Nah... she's let me and Lita borrow it too... besides I think you'd look good in red! [smiles brightly]

Bay [dropping the bucket and slowly backing away]
No, way... no way in-

Robyn [interrupts and cocks an eyebrow]
-what's wrong, Bay? [now looking at Bay very strangely]

I just don't wear dresses!!!

What the difference between this dress or your school uniform?

Or even your Sailor uniform?!

Because, I have a choice this time!!!

[She turns around and starts to run away. The others chase, when they run past the door to the street, Lita walking in and sees Bay panickingly pass right by, with Robyn, Serena and Mina, playfully chasing after her... with Rei's red dress in Mina's arm]

What's going on here?!

Robyn [yelling back]
Nevermind... JUST CATCH HER!

Lita [surprised]
Um.... ok... [runs after the group]

[Bay, running frantically, turns a corner and runs right into a room, huffing and puffing she sees the others run past the door, down the hallway. Bay runs out and in the opposite direction back around the corner and into Chad, slamming into him and falling on her butt]

Chad [surprised to see Bay run right into him]
Whoa, Bay, like what's going on?

Bay [still huffing and puffing, getting up]
The others...[looking back to make sure they haven't turned] around are trying to [huff]get me... [puff] to wear... [puff] a dress!

Chad [confused]

Bay [grabs his shirt and pulls him down to her height]
I don't wear dresses!!!!!

Oh... Well, I guess I can see why you...

Serena [from down the hall]
Guys, there she is...

Bay [freaking - in a pitfully squeaky voice]

THE OTHERS [diving on top of her]

Uh, girls, do you think ... I mean... [Giving up] Bay what do you want me to do?

Bay [stuggling with the four girls]

Uh, Ok.. [He reaches for Mina then backs off when she elbows him... ah... well, she elbowed him] [in a slightly higher voice] Maybe I should get Rei?

Bay [yelling]

Uh, ok. [He grabs Serena just above the waist and lifts her off of the pile]

Serena [giggling like crazy while kicking and flailing her arms]

[Bay slips way from the other three when they look to see what Chad is doing. She runs down the hallway and around the far corner]

[Chad puts Serena down while the others launch after Bay. Leaving Chad alone in the hallway in a bit of pain and confused as... ah, very confused...]

Ummmmm, ok...

[The three girls turn the corner and, seeing no sign of Bay, they divide up and look for her. Meanwhile, Bay jumped into the attic from the hallway and closed the lid (entrance to the attic), she sits there and then she sees two green glowing dots in the dark]

Bay [still trying to catch her breath]

Aphrodite [coming out of the shadows]
Yes, I remembered a story from when I was a kitten in the Moon Kingdom... It was about a Sailor Sun... Who I know you are... so...could you answer somthing for me? I mean, I was born after you, I mean, she left...

Moon Kingdom? [quietly to herself] Ok, it's official,everyone here is mad! [Looking back to Aphrodite] So, go on..

Aphrodite [with a slightly questioning look]
I can hear better than you think... [sighs] Maybe I should go... If you really can't remember, then you can't answer my question... Luna and Artemis won't tell me anything, and I can only remember some of the myth, not any of the real story... [looks down and turns around, walking slowly away]

Bay [now curious and ashamed]
Aphrodite, wait, I'm sorry, what was your question...?

Aphrodite [stops and turns her head back to Bay]
Well, I wanted to know why Sailor Sun really left the Moon Kingdom? Why didn't she stay?

Bay [scratching her head]
To be honest, Aphrodite, I haven't a clue what your talking about... Moon Kingdom and what not.

Aphrodite [stops and turns her head back to Bay]
Well, I wanted to know why Sailor Sun really left the Moon Kingdom? Why didn't she stay?

Bay [curious]
There was another Sailor Sun?

Aphrodite [looks out the little attic window. It was getting to be dusk]
I didn't think so... but- [hears something from below]


Damn, they're still looking!

Why are they looking for you?

They want to get me into a dress.

Aphrodite [a little confused]
So? What's wrong with that?

Like I keep telling everyone, I don't wear dresses!

Aphrodite [teardrop]
But you wear your school uniform.

Bay [sighs]
Let's not start that up again.

Aphrodite [still totally confused and a bit depressed]
I'm just not going to... [sniffs] that's a familiar scent... [walks around the attic, sniffing and eventually coming right up to Bay] You smell familiar...

Bay [smiling]
I'd hope so!

No... I mean... [sniffs] I know your scent from somewhere... someone else... [confused look]

Bay [taking it personally]
Hey, Are you trying to tell me that I smell or something?!

Aphrodite [smiles]
No, I didn't mean it like that... [gets serious again]

Then what do you mean?

Your scent reminds me of someone Robyn and I ran into before all of this Sailor business... before we met anyone, really... some guy that was in the park one day... we passed each other and I sensed something weird... but I had forgotten about it... [looks into Bay's eyes] until now...

Bay [shocked]
{"Oh, no, does she know about me being a guy?"} Uh, well, I...[desperatly thinking of a excuse] I brought this shirt at a garage sale a few days ago... maybe it's that.

No... Besides, you're wet... [smirks]

Bay [caught up in the conversation]
I'd almost forgot! Well, what are you trying to say?

Well, it would explain why you don't want to wear a dress... [flat out boldly asks] Are you that guy?! And do the others know?

Bay [teardrop]
Ah, Well, not exactly... I'm...uh...

Aphrodite [glaring]
Tell me the truth... I promise... If you don't want anyone to know, I won't tell... [takes her paw and crosses her heart]

Ah, Well, you know that Boy the Negaverse captured, before you and Robyn came.

Aphrodite [not quite sure where this is going]
Yeah... Luna told me.

Well, no one know's this...[gets close and whispers] ah, I was Brad, but the Negaverse turned me... [pointing to herself] well into this.

Aphrodite [surprised]

Ah... well my locket did it, I think.

[looks at Bay's chest] Well, how come you don't wear it on your uniform like Serena?

[Pulls out her necklace with a small locket like pendant on it] You mean this?


[sighs and sits locket on floor] I just don't know how to change back...

To a guy, I assume.

Bay [nodding her head]
Yeah, please promise not to tell anyone.

I promise... But it does explain a lot.

Like what?

Oh, why you don't like shopping, make-up, or boys ... {"or girls... for that matter"}


But why don't you want to tell them? Lita would probably get over you QUICK... they would stop trying to get you to wear dresses... and maybe Serena and Luna would know how to change you back...?

Maybe, or maybe they'll drum me out of here. Other then you, Robyn, and Serena, the others seem to have something aganist me... I rather not give them a reason to do anything. [shifting in her spot] Anyway, imagine how they would feel if they knew... I've been a girl for a while now, and kind of started to earn their trust... I wouldn't want to break that. [looks down] I mean, I like being here... you're all the best friends a girl- [smiles] or a guy, could have!

Ok, ok... I wonder though... if we could get the silver crystal from Serena's wand... maybe by touching it, you'll learn how to go back?

Sailor Moon used her healing power when I first turned over, and it didn't change a thing. Just cured my headache.

Aphrodite [giggles]
Still... that thing has amazing powers... it may even help bring Darien back too... [sighs]

Bay [thinking]

Lita [Suddenly Lita flings open the entrance and sees Bay.]
There you are!

Aphrodite [darting into a dark shadow, whispers]
I promise!

Serena [pushing Lita]
Come on already!

Lita [Talking back to Serena]
Ok, hold your horses!

Bay [a little frantic]
{"I sometimes wish I could still teleport!"}

* * *
[In the hallway with Mina, Serena, and Robyn. Rei approaches with Amy]

What are you guys still doing here?

Serena and Robyn [turn around with teardrop effect]
Uh... we were uh... we-

We were trying to get Bay to change out of her wet clothes! I was going to return your dress, and-

Rei [surprised]
I had forgotten I lent it to you! [smiles] but she can wear something else of mine... that dress may fall apart if too many more people wear it! Besides... it's a bit formal, Mina... [smirks]

Robyn [looks to Bay]
Hey, who where you talking to anyway?

Bay [Coming from the attic]
Uh, no one... And I'm STILL not going to wear a dress!

Rei [waving for Bay to follow]
I have some outfits that aren't dresses... though I don't see why... you're a girl, most girls would do anything to wear one... [shrugs] oh well... come on...

[She walks towards her room, with Bay following and everyone else following her]

Actually, Rei, I'm almost dry with all the running. [They all walk into Rei's room]

Bay, sit down.

[Bay pulls out Rei's desk chair and sits down.]

Bay [watching Rei go into her closet.]
{"Something's up... She wouldn't be this calm so shortly after what Serena and Robyn did..."}

Rei [suddenly turning around]
LITA! Hold Bay down!

Lita [Kind of shocked and surprised at the command, jumps and hangs on to Bay's shoulders, forcing her down.]
Got her.

Rei [then pulls another dress out of her closet]
Come on Bay, play along.

Bay [seeing the dress starts to panic]
Rei you dirty little.... You tricked me.

Ah, come-on Bay... You never want to have fun with us!


Bay [panicking, and trying to get away]
What fun?! This is torture!, I'm sure there's something in the Geneva Convention about this...

Well, you might was well give-up! Your stuck here.

Bay [looking over at Amy (with her nose in a computer book), her last hope]
Amy, come on... give me a hand.

Amy [looking up at Bay]
Bay, can you tell me how to bypass a mainframe sys...

Bay [rolling her eyes]

* * *
[A short while later, all the girls but Bay surround Rei's closet, Bay on the other hand is tied to the chair]

Mina [holds up a bright yellow dress]
I think this one would look good on Bay.

Bay [yelling from the chair]
I don't!

Come on, Bay, you said that for every dress we look at...

Yeah, why do you think we stopped asking you?

Their is no possible way your going to get me into anything but pants and shirts!

I don't think your in a position to argue...

Oh! C'mon Rei, I... I still have to clean the dojo.

Don't worry, Chad said he'd do it...

Bay [sarcastically]
Good old Chad...

What about this mini-skirt?

No, NO, NO, No... [Then she realizes her salvation] Hey, you guys can't get me to change while I'm tied to this chair, So I guest this is all a waste of time, hunh?! [laughs nervously...]

Serena [grinning evilly]
Don't you worry, Bay, we'll find a way... nooooo problem...

Robyn [holding the bright yellow dress]
I agree with you Mina, [who was smirking] yellow's definitely her color! [giggles]

Bay [pleading]
Ah, come on guys, why do you want to get me in a dress, anyway... Look I'm dry now.

Rei [coming towards Bay with Robyn and Mina, who's got the dress]
Just play along! I promise! We'll never beg you to wear one again! We've never seen you in one like this!

Well, how about this, I'll play along... [starting to yell again] If you don't put me in a dress!

Oh, well, looks like where going to have to do this the hard way... cool! [grins]

* * *
[Shortly afterwards the three girls at back into Rei's closet, and Bay sits tied to the chair, in a bright yellow sundress]

Bay [talking to the reader]
Don't look at me, I'm just as confused as you are on how they got it on.

Who are you talking to, Bay?

Aahhh, no one! Ok, so you got me in a dress, [loudly] can I leave now?

Robyn [turns]
But it looks so cute! We have one more! [smiles]

Rei [pulling on something from the back of her closet]
It's stuck...

{"That's a sign, Rei!"}

Rei [tugging and pulling it loose]

Bay [shrieking]

Come on, Bay!

Amy [looking through the make up, starting to get involved]
Guys, what do you think of this red lipstick for Bay?


Amy [ignoring Bay]
You're right... a bit too dark!

{"Maybe I should wail like Serena... it usually works for her!"}
[smirking and pouting]

Rei [looking at Amy as she lays the dress on her bed]
Try the pink! Pink and yellow look good on her... [smirks at Bay, then back to the closet]

You, guuuuuuyyyyyyyys.... I ... I... [doing her best to act like Serena] I... don't wanna wear a dress! Waaaaaaah! [starting to make her best crying... WAILING noise]

Rei [annoyed]
Bay, cut it out with the fake cries, you aren't Serena, you know!!

Bay [slowly stopping]

Hey! [pouts]

Robyn [giggling]
You can't blame her for trying! [still smiling]

Aphrodite [walking in with Luna behind her]
What's all this commotion?! [surprised] And why is Bay tied to a chair?! {"I see they got the dress on..."} [smirking]

Bay [taking it personally and talking to the cat.]
[sarcastically] Oh, thanks a lot. [back to yelling] Why don't you stop them?!

Serena [pulling a camera out of backpack]
Here, Robyn!

Robyn [with camera]
Cool! Hey, Bay, SMILE! [smiles herself!]

Bay [pouts at her]
No. [gruffly]

Robyn [shrugging]
Oh well.... cheese! [snaps picture as Serena says]


Grandpa [knocking and then poking his head in the crack of the door]
Girls, there's cookies and lemonade downstairs for you.

Alright, cookies, and lemonade... [confused] But, where's the cheese?

[lightly smacking Serena]
It's what you say when you have your picture taken, Meat- Serena... [smiles] {"Thanks, Rei... you've called her Meatball Head so many times today, you've got me starting to say it!"}

Thanks grandpa, we'll be down in a few minutes.

Ok, Rei. [sees Bay in the chair] Ah, Rei, make sure those ropes aren't too tight. [addressing Bay] You look good in that dress, Bay. [He leaves]

Bay [still pouty]
Oh, shut up....

* * *
[Grandpa is breifly seen with a evil smile on as he goes down the hallway. And now, back to the girls.]

[running out the door after Grandpa]
The ropes are fine! Hurry girls!

Rei [yelling after Serena]
HEY, MEATBALL HEAD! You forgot your pack again...

Robyn [grabbing it and sighing]
I'll give it to her... again... [walks out of the room]

[the other girls and Luna follow one by one until only Aphrodite and Bay are left]

Bay [yelling]
HEY! [a little angry] What about me?!?!?!

Aphrodite [jumping into Rei's closet]
Hang on, I'll get you loose!

Bay [curious]
In THERE?! {"Don't tell me she's turned on me!"}

Aphrodite [jumping out with a hanger with a denim overall (shorts) outfit complete with dark yellow short sleeved shirt. Puts it on Rei's bed over the dress]
I hate to do this, because Robyn wanted to give it to you as a birthday present, but... [looks at Bay] I think you can wear it now... [smiles and leaps onto Bay's lap, then cuts the ropes with a few swipes of her claws] After all, we don't know when your birthday is!

Thanks [getting up from the chair] but, won't Robyn be a little mad at you for giving me this?

Aphrodite [shrugging]
I don't care... I'm not gonna tell her why. I mean, I keep my promises! [looks up at Bay, and winks] Don't worry about it... just get dressed! [runs out the door towards the other girls]

Bay [all alone in the room.]
Thanks. [She quickly changes into the clothes (and out of the dress!)] {"I wonder what they did with my clothes?"}[Bay walks towards the living room downstairs] {"Why are the lights so dim?"} [walks in and turns up lights]

All the Girls and Cats [smiling, and Robyn holding a big cake]

Robyn [sees what Bay is wearing]
APHRODITE! [glares at the cat]

Aphrodite [teardrop]
I felt sorry for her! [sorta serious again] Besides, you were gonna give it to her today anyway!

That's not the point! [sighs] Happy Birthday, Bay! [smiles and holds the cake out for Bay to blow out the 2 big candles]

Bay [A little confused]
What's all this?

Well, we don't know when your real birthday is, and we know you haven't really been doing to well lately...

Mina [pokes Serena with her elbow]
She meant that you seemed a bit depressed lately...

Serena [rubbing her belly where Mina elbowed her]

Ah... Well, actually my birthday was a few days ago. [sighs and looks down.] It's the first one I've had without my family with me.

[looks down and sees a small bit of wax drop onto the icing, blows the flames out]
We're sorry. We were hoping to cheer you up. We all bought you gifts... [sits the cake on the table and points to a small pile of wrapped boxes beside the chips, lemonade, cookies... junk food mostly] You've already got mine. [smiles hopefully] Do you forgive us for making you wear that dress yet?! It was to keep you busy until everything was set up... that's why we couldn't let you clean the temple, you'd have seen everything...

Rei [looks at Bay]
I have a confession to make too...

Bay [looks]
I'm still not thrilled about the dress bit, but... [Realizing Rei wanted to say something] You do Rei?

Rei [looks at Bay]
Yeah, that whole thing about the scrolls? [smiles nervously] It was all fake.

Robyn [going over to the pile]
Here. [Grabs a box with pink colored paper and a bunny shaped card] Serena wants you to open hers first. [smiles and walks back over to Bay, hands her the box]

Bay [a little shocked at Rei, and taking the box slowly]
But, you knew that...

Rei [finishing]
It was a whopper, but believable considering who I was chasing! [smirks at Serena]

Serena [upset]
Are you calling me [trying to think of something, suddenly spits out] 'oofty magoofty'?! [pouts]

Rei [confused]
Calling you what?!

Bay [getting confused]
Come, on, hasn't there been enough fighting and yelling thoughout this place today? [She starts to open the present]

Serena and Rei [teardrops]
Sorry, Bay. [Serena smiles]

That's Ok, [she tries to figure out how to open the box]. My Birthday was on June 29th. A little late, but I never told you guys, so.. [starting to get a little frustrated with the box] How do you open this thing?

Why didn't you ever tell us? Like on my birthday?!

* * * * * * *
Writer's Note:
Serena's Birthday is on the 30th of June.
* * * * * * *

Because you were all having a good time, I didn't want to spoil it.

Rei [referring back to the package, huffing at Serena and grabbing a pair of scissors from a drawer]
Meatball Head went crazy with the tape again! [hands Bay the scissors]

Robyn [clamping Serena's mouth shut]
Serena! Don't spoil this! [makes a face at Serena]

Bay [cutting the tape off the package]
It's Ok. [Bay opens up the box and pulls out a soft pink sun dress. Bay gets a sweatdrop]

Serena [taking Robyn's hand from over her mouth]
I'm sorry, I didn't know you disliked dresses so much, I thought you didn't wear them, becouse you didn't have one. If you want [she reaches for the package] I'll return it and get you something else.

Bay [nervously holding the package away]
Well, I didn't say... Well, Serena, I think I'll try to start, ah, wearing dresses [she clears her throat] more often. [Bay goes over to the pile and picks up a perfectly wrapped box with blue paper] {"Must be from Amy."} [smiles]

[Amy smiles excitedly]

Bay [opens package easily and sees Computer Books.]
Thanks Amy... I'm sure I'll be able to put these to good use {" doorstops or something, considering I would need a computer to use these!"}

I thought you'd like them, since you've said you've never worked in a unix environment before. [All the others scratched their heads wondering what Amy just said.]

Bay [reads the titles]
'Advanced Unix Systems' and 'Multi-Enviroments in the computer world'... Thanks Amy...

Amy [happily]
I hope they're alright! [smiles and looks at her watch]

Bay [nervously]
Yeah. Fine, Amy.

Serena [runs over and grabs a green colored package]
Lita's turn!

Lita [suddenly]
NO! I want mine last! Give her Mina's! [teardrop and a nervous giggle]

Mina [sighs]
Here. [walks over and picks up the orange box with a heart shaped card] I hope it's ok.

Serena [sets down Lita's box, disappointed]
Oh! [pouts]

Bay [unwraps box and picks out a picture frame decorated with hand painted Canadian leaves]
Oh, Mina....

Mina [smiles]
I thought the leaves were pretty, I thought you could put a picture of your family in it or something, you know?

Thanks Mina. These are Canadian Maple leaves!

Yea, I know... I thought you'd like it.


Ok, I guess it's my turn... [hands a package to Bay] Here.

[Bay continued to open packages, She recieved an ancient looking tea kettle from Rei, "It's for good luck!", A drawing of Sailor Sun from Luna, Artemis, and Aphrodite. And the one who wanted hers last, Lita gave Bay a beautiful ceramic puppy!]

Lita! I love puppies! How did you know? [looks up]

Lita [smiles]
I didn't, I was just hoping you'd think it was pretty!

[Robyn pulled out a small box with rainbow colored paper on it, from under the pile of discarded wrapping paper]

And this last one's from all of us.

Bay [happly took the box]
{"But, everyone got me something, What could this be...?"} [She unwrapped the box and opened it up, Bay could just look at it with a big smile]

We hope you like it.

I love it! [she pulled out her very own Sailor Communicator. It was a golden yellow almost matching her uniform!]

It's not just an ordinary communicator...

Serena [surprised]
What?! Why does she get a special one?!

Robyn [pulls out her own new communicator, which is a purple color, and says, very confused]
I thought this was all there was? I recieved mine yesterday! [looks to Aphrodite who was sitting on a flat wooden box] [suddenly remembers] Oh yeah! [smiles]

Serena [humphs and crosses her arms]
What about us, Luna?! [upset]

Robyn [goes and picks up the box, after she tucked her own communicator into her pocket]
These are the new communicators. [opens the box] See? [There are 5 others along with three collars and tags...]

Aphrodite [groaning]
Amy... I hate collars! [Luna and Artemis also look at Amy after glancing in the box]

Amy [a little flushed]
Well, what was I supposed to give you?

Robyn [pulls an orangeish/yellow collar and tag out and puts it around Aphrodite's neck... with a slight struggle...]
C'mon! It's your version of one so you can contact us in an emergency! [sort of pouts] [Aphrodite just sighs]

Serena [taking the pink one with a crescent moon on it and the black collar and tag]
Cool communicators! Hey, Amy... how come we only get these now? And why are they different? [puts collar and tag on Luna with a huff from the cat] I mean besides the colors?

Mina [taking the orange communicator with her symbol on and the white collar and tag]
[walks over to Artemis]
I like 'em too! [smiles and reaches to place Artemis's comm-tag on]

Artemis [backing away]
No way! I detest collars, and you know that Mina! [pouts at her, still backing away]

Aphrodite [pouting]
I don't exactly love 'em either, D-,[catches herself, only Robyn looks over] Artemis! [glares at Robyn...]

Luna [sighs]
Oh, Artemis, give up... we've discussed the communicator situation before... they are necessary!

Artemis [takes off out the window nearby as he yells]
Not for this cat! [Luna and Aphrodite give chase yelling after him]

[Grabbing a communicator as they ran out after the cats, Amy took the blue one with her symbol, Rei took the red one with hers, and Lita took the last one... a green one with her sign on it]

[Robyn and Bay stare out the door and then look at each other]

So... do you know what makes these so different?

Robyn [pulling out hers]
Yeah... I think I understand it... [pushes two buttons and creates a beeping] they have homing devices in them, they let us teleport... like to a fight, instead of running there... [smirks] and... [pushing a few more buttons]


Robyn [happily]
C'mon! Sorry, I think they're having a problem with Artemis! [giggles] [grabs Bay's arm and runs out telling her] It has a Danger Signal to be used for serious emergencies... but Aphrodite or Amy hit the button... so, they must need our help with Artemis's collar!

Ok, there were no fights in here... it was mostly a light-spirited SHORT story!The struggle to put Bay in a dress... something she detested... We also managed to force one onto Aphrodite... >smiles< The new Communicators (Well, for the stories...) are introduced, and Aphrodite is entrusted with a major secret... can she keep it? We'll answer that in later stories... Yes, there are MANY more... they are becoming HTML documents as you read! >smiles again< Ok, We'll see you there! Bye all!

~Robyn & Bay~