Published Characters
Sailor Sun (of the Moon Kingdom)

One of the first senshi in existence. Phobie was a daughter of a local Earther. She became Sailor Sun after proving herself in trails held to find the first Sailor scout. She was charged with the protection of the moon kingdom and the training of the scout-princesses. She vanished shortly before the attacks on the moon kingdom by the negaverse. Many believe she switched sides and help the negaverse attack.

Guardian Cat : Minaca

Stars in the Sailor Sun MK series

Sailor Sun

The great great great grandchild of the first Sailor Sun. Bay is one of the rare scouts who didn't exist in the moon kingdom. She inherited her the locket containing the powers of Sailor Sun and while being held by the negaverse was transformed into Sailor Sun. (and was transformed into a girl)

Stars in Sailor Sun - Sailor S Series

Sailor Chibi Sun

Sailor Chibi Sun, aka Honey comes from a alternate future. She traveled back in time to save Sailor Sun (Bay) from a anti-time event caused by her powers. Warned not to interfere with the past, Sailor Chibi Sun saved there other scouts and changed the coarse of future history.

After a failed attempt to travel back to her time, Honey lives in the present with Sailor Sun.

Guardian Cat : Ams

First appeared in Sailor Sun Series. Reappears in Sailor S.

Sailor Shadow

Sailor Shadow, a slave girl in the moon kingdom, was adopted by the palace and befriend Sailor Sun (MK).
Shortly before the attack, after the disappearance of Sailor Sun (MK) Robyn was granted the powers of Sailor Shadow to help take Sailor Sun's place.

A thousand years later, Robyn Befriended Sailor Sun (Bay) and regained her Sailor Shadow powers in the present. 

Guardian Cat : Aphrodite

First appeared in Sailor Shadow Series and Sailor S. Continued stories staring Sailor Shadow @

Sailor Astid

A alien boundy hunter, tries to capture Sailor Sun. And later befriends her.

Lost or yet Unused Characters

These are characters that were planned on appear in fan fictions, but as of yet he fan fictions have not yet been made.

Sailor Sun II (Heather)

Bay's long lost Twin sister.  Kidnapped at birth and later a lost orphan, Heather was adopted by a well off business man and his wife. She was raised as there own with a rich religious up ringing. Heather hopes to one day be a professional actress.

Sailor StarDust (Nya)

A Junior officer the Senshi Temporal Patrol force, Nya carries responsibilities ad traditions past down by the lost existent senshi of the universe. She and the other officers of the STPF travel threw space protecting the innocent from pirates, and illegel time travelers

Ship/Guardian AI : Magna

Sailor Cute (Crystal)

Sailor Cute is the first senshi in existence on Earth. She was given her powers by alien force who wished to evolve the human race from Homo- Erectus to Homo-sapiens. With a hypnotic voice she was able to control he people to let the aliens poses the people. When she discovered the aliens true purpose, she used her powers to stop them freezing them in ice, along with herself.

In the Present she was accidentally unfrozen by a archeologist along with the long frozen aliens.  Unable to speak, she traveled with the archeologist to London England. and teaming up with Sailor Chibi Sun they fight the aliens who what o control all life on the planet 


Sailor Nebula (Mac)

Another boy turned girl Senshi, Sailor Nebula is a party girl who's mental powers exceed any of the other senshi.

Sailor Heaven (Honey)

Honey, being a blessed child and protected by the heavens as the future savor of the human race Honey was brought back t life after dying while protecting the world and loosing her Sailor Sun powers. Honey was also blessed with the mantle of Sailor Heaven, to be the moral heavenly protector for a battle that would one day come. 

Guardian Cat : Ams


David, is a normal boy, who adopted a lost guardian cat named, Cleo.

Cleo met Ams, and in turned David was introduced to Honey and Crystal. And shortly after discovered that Honey and Crystal was (Sailor Venus) Sailor Chibi Sun and Sailor Cute.

Though Honey and David are 'just friends', it's always suspected there was more between them.

Guardian Cat : Cleo